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Over the years Tim Austin has been told stories from when a little boy growing up on lighthouses.

Many family travels are "documented" in photographs - some that you are able to see under the "Gallery" menu item.

As time goes by memories fade, people grow up and disperse across the globe, and people pass on.

Sometimes browsing Maatsuyker Island 1968 Andrew 5 And A Half Years Tim 3 Yearsthose photos passed down we see people and wonder: "who is that person ?" No one seems to have the answer.

Have you ever been in that situation ?

Well - this is where you might be able to help.

The photo shows Tim Austin (left), Tim's brother (center) and a girl (right)  sitting on a Land Rover on Maatsuker Island on the Tasmanian southern coast, Australia, in about 1968.

Do you know who the girl is ? Are you the girl ? Perhaps she is the daughter of another lighthouse keeper stationed on Maatsuyker island at the same time, or maybe a visitor to the island.

In 1968: Tim will have been aged 3 years old. The girl possibly 5 years old.

"Click" on the image for a larger version.

If you know the girl - possibly aged in her mid 50's in 2017 / 2018, or if you are who the girl would have been - please feel free to contact Tim Austin via our "Contact" form.

It would be great to complete another piece in the puzzle.