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Here we would like to bring you noteworthy resources which relate to TimAustin.co.uk - from the construction and administration of this Joomla! CMS based website, computing, and travel in, to, and from New Zealand and Australia. As well as useful resources for website development.

All of the resources here are used by Tim Austin.

Feel free to visit any (or all) of the resources listed here to see what they can do for you.

More resources will be added to this page - so if you do not see anything that is of interest - pop back in a few days to see the latest additions.

After browsing this Joomla Resources page if you wish to read much more about Joomla, Hosting and Domains, you might like to visit UsingJoomla.com

Joomla Extensions


While looking for an improved EU Privacy Directive compliant plugin Tim Austin found web357.

Web357 is a young team of internet lovers and professionals specialising in developing premium extensions for the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS).

Web357's Cookie Policy Notification Bar fitted the bill.

The support provided by web357 goes above and beyond what is normally expected.

Other Joomla! plugins and components are also provided.

Tim Austin is pleased to be able to highly recommend web357.

The web357 logo is copyright and is used here with the kind permission of web357.com

Joomla! Website Templates and Extensions

If you are contemplating creating a Joomla! based CMS Website (like this one) you might like to explore templates and extensions.

RocketTheme create and make available a number of quality Joomla templates and extensions.

Joomla Training and How To Guides

If you feel that building and / or running a Joomla! based website a daunting prospect - perhaps you can be helped to feel that advice is at hand.

Arguably one of the most valuable "assets" - if not the most valuable asset - is knowledge, information.

A saying goes something along the lines of: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life".

Ok - perhaps to be politically correct I should change "man" for "person".

This saying could, perhaps, be converted to learning how to use Joomla! - or anything else really for that matter.

Carrying out an update, writing / publishing an article, creating a category . . .

Someone can do it for you - perhaps at a financial cost - but in these days of austerity measures, you could learn how to do it yourself. Saving some money and have added personal value by learning a new skill.

Instead, perhaps, of you paying someone else to create and publish your next masterpiece article, or to create your article categories, or spruce up your website - someone else who does not have the time or inclination to do these things themselves could pay you.

So where we going with this ?

With hundreds of "How to ..." guides, and dozens of Video tutorials about the various aspects of Joomla! web design, administration, coding, Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing, and much more - Tim Austin recommends OSTraining.

With a number of subscription levels, there is bound to be a level to suit most budgets - perhaps a short (e.g 1 month) subscription to begin with to help determine training supplier effectiveness.

If you have questions - the OSTraining staff regularly contribute to their site Support Forum.

Perhaps you might like to give OSTraining a visit

Domain Name Registration

For domain name registration perhaps you would like to visit Heart Internet

And then there is 123-reg

If you are looking at registering a .co.nz domain name - to show your New Zealand connection an economically priced domain register is OnlyDomains

All three of the above domain name registrars have been and are still used by Tim Austin - for domain registration purposes they are highly recommended.

Website Hosting

Our current host which we recently moved to is SiteGround who are experienced in Joomla! hosting, with optimised servers, and added extras, that help to provide for very fast website page load speeds.

SiteGround are renowned for their hosting expertise - not only for or with Joomla.

SiteGround servers are optimised for:

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • WooCommerce

Why not give SiteGround a visit now ?

Website Backup


Akeeba Backup provides two levels (Core and Pro) of software to make a backup of your Joomla! website - making for easy backing-up, transferring and restoring of your joomla! website.

Visit Akeeba Backup.

New Zealand Philately

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For images, hints and tips on New Zealand postage stamps and philately, visit . . .

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Read About Joomla


If you would like to create your own Joomla!® powered Content Management System (CMS) website you might like to read about Joomla!® by visiting . . .

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