In these videos below Tasman Island, Tasmania, Australia is featured.

Tim Austin lived on this island in about 1967 as a "lighthouse kid" whose father was a lighthouse keeper on this island.

Tasman Island has some extraordinary cliffs and crevices. The second video below features some of the cliffs

Tim Austin has a particualar space in his 'memories' because at the age of about 2 years old decided to go on walkabout, alone, and got lost - causing a great deal of frantic searching - when found a search helicopter was on its way to assist.

Above it is written 'memories' because personally too young to have remembered this event but the story was passed down to Tim.

The event also made an entry into Tasmanian Newspapers.

The image below, is a copy of the newspaper article(s) - the image text is perhaps difficult to read.

Newspaper Timmy lost


These videos below were not taken by Tim Austin or his family.


These videos show some great aerial views of Tasman sland as well as the cliffs.

Where is Tasman Island . . .


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