This video produced by Australian Geographic Society shows you about Friends Of Tasman Island (FOTI).

Friends Of Tasman Island are a group of volunteers who have helped maintain the grounds and lighthouse of Tasman Island.

For fans of facebook, 'Friends of Tasman Island' have their own Facebook page(s) found at Friends of Tasman Island on Facebook

Tim Austin has a particualar space in his 'memories' because at the age of about 2 years old decided to go on walkabout, alone, and got lost - causing a great deal of frantic searching - when found a search helicopter was on its way to assist.

Above it is written 'memories' because personally too young to have remembered this event but the story was passed down to Tim.

The event also made an entry into Tasmanian Newspapers.

For above reason, Tim Austin certainly considers himself to be a 'Friend of Tasman Island'. It would be great to have the opportunity to return for a visit to see where an important part of his life took place and appreciate the anxiety that the geographical landscape caused.


Tim Austin hopes that you will enjoy this video.

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