White Water Rafting

New Zealand is renowned for its many outdoor sports: yachting, canoeing, rugby, swimming with dolphins - and white water rafting.

A long weekend saw a trip to Queenstown - about 1.5 hours drive north of Bluff.

A local sign advertising white-water-rafting prompted a spur-of-the-moment give it a go decision.

Arriving at the venue on the banks of the Shotover River a "statutory" safety course showed the team of five or six, perhaps gullible, participants what to do in the event of a person-overboard scenario.

Who should, perhaps unluckily sit next to the raft leader ?

After about three minutes into the adventure a sweep of the leader's arm and oar landed the author in the river to be the guinea pig trial saving of the "person overboard" scenario.

Less than five minutes later a wet author was back on the raft - thanks to the other participants in remembering the safety course contents.

A photographer was making his way down the bank of the Shotover River, capturing many moments of the raft.

Participants were then able to purchase the photographs of particular interest out of those taken - giving great memories.

Tim can be seen in each of the three images below - nearest the raft leader in blue - holding on for dear life in case the leader had thoughts of a second "person-overboard" exercise.

The three images below are "sequence" shots - going into a dip in the water.

White-water raftingWhite-water rafting. Shotover River, Queenstown.
White Water RaftingWhite-water rafting. Shotover River, Queenstown.
White Water RaftingWhite-water Rafting. Shotover River, Queenstown.

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