This Disclosure Statement is where We explain to You what forms of financial benefit We may receive.

It is Our policy to also disclose our interests that may have an influence on this website.

Index 3 whiteDisclosure Statement Points List:

Index 4This Disclosure Statement covers the following points.

  • Terminology
  • Paid Content
  • Programs
  • Domain Names
  • Other Internet Interests
  • Disclosure Statement Reviews
  • Disclosure Statement Updates


"We" "Us" "Our" means with or without the preceding www. (Also written as: - capitalisation of proper noun - with or without the preceding www).

"Site" "Website" means with or without the preceding www. (Also written as: - capitalisation of proper noun - with or without the preceding www).

"You" "Your" means the Site visitor, also the person reading this Disclosure Statement.

"Third Party" means a person, and/or a business, other than You or Us.

Paid Content

Paid content on this Site may take any of the following forms:

  • Articles
  • News
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Links

Such content might involve Us receiving a financial benefit.

Where the income involves advertising, currently participates in the Google Adsense programme.

Under the Google Adsense programme various content related Google Advertisements will appear on this Site.

When a Site visitor chooses to select a Google Advertisement link We will receive a percentage of the Google Advertiser's fee that the advertiser pays to Google.

Where the advertising takes the form of an Affiliate link, when the Site visitor follows through with a purchase at the third party We will receive an agreed amount.

Where a Site visitor carries out an Internet Search using the Internet Search box placed on Our Site, We will receive a commission from Google.

Not all links on this Site are advertising/affiliate links.


From time-to-time We participate in advertising programs such as:

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Associates

The above two programs allow for Website owners to place on, or have placed on, their website(s) - advertisements as a means for website owners to receive fees for those advertisements when a website visitor clicks on an advertisement or follows up a link with buying a product from a Third Party.

Domain Names

The owner, administrator and developer of this website at is the Registrant of this domain name:


The registrant of the above domain name has a connection with New Zealand as is indicated throughout various parts and articles of this website.

On the above basis, the Registrant of this Website Domain name is also the Registrant of the following Domain names which all currently re-direct to this Domain name / website.

In the table below proper noun (person's name) capitalisation is used for making easier reading.

Arrow Down
Redirects to
Arrow Down
Arrow Down
Redirects to
Arrow Down

Other Internet Interests

The operator of also operates the following domains / websites to which there is promotional material on various pages of this website. and the other domains / websites listed here do not recieve any financial benefit from traffic between the listed domains.

Capitalisation has been used in the following domain names to assist with ease of reading.


Disclosure Statement Reviews

This Disclosure Statement will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains reflective of current activities.

A review does not neccessarily mean any changes have occurred.

If changes take place the date of the changes will be mentioned in the next section of this Disclosure Statement.

This Disclosure Statement was last reviewed on: 27th December 2023.

Disclosure Statement Updates

This Disclosure Statement may be updated at anytime.

The 'updated date' does not include purely cosmetic changes but only to content / factual changes / updates.

This Disclosure Statement was last updated factually on: 27th December 2023.

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