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This Disclosure Policy is where We explain to You what forms of financial benefit We may receive.


"We" "Us" "Our" means

"Site" "Website" means

"You" "Your" means the Site visitor, also the person reading this Policy.

Paid Content

Paid content on this Site may take any of the following forms:

  • Articles,
  • News;
  • Advertising;
  • Affiliate Links;

Such content might involve Us receiving a financial benefit.

Where the income involves advertising, currently participates in the Google Adsense programme.

Under the Google Adsense programme various content related Google Advertisements will appear on this Site.

When a Site visitor chooses to select a Google Advertisement link We will receive a percentage of the Google Advertiser's fee that the advertiser pays to Google.

Where the advertising takes the form of an Affiliate link, when the Site visitor follows through with a purchase at the third party We will receive an agreed amount.

Where a Site visitor carries out an Internet Search using the Internet Search box placed on Our Site, We will receive a commission from Google.

Not all links on this Site are advertising/affiliate links.