This Policy explains what spam is and Our stance on Spam.

Index 3 whiteAnti Spam Policy Points

Index 4This Anti Spam Policy covers the following points:

  • Terminology
  • What Spam Is
  • Filtering
  • Filtering Issues
  • Communications From Us
  • Receipt Of Unwanted Messages From Us
  • Anti Spam Policy Review
  • Changes To This Policy


"We" "Us" "Our" means (Also written as: both with or without the preceding www)

"You" "Your" means the site visitor, also the person reading this policy.

"Site" "Website" means (Also written as: both with or without the preceding www)

For the purpose of this Anti-Spam Policy, "Anti-Spam" and "Anti Spam" have the same meaning.

What Spam Is

Spam, in the context of electronic messaging, is unsolicited, bulk, and/or indiscriminate messaging typically sent for commercial purposes.

Spam can be seen by the recipient as very annoying, harrassing and stressful. Perhaps above all - unwanted.


Our messaging systems scans all incoming and outgoing messages - messages that are identified as, or potentially as, Spam are filtered out accordingly.

We may report incoming messages as Spam to the appropriate organisation(s).

Filtering Issues

No message filtering system is 100% accurate. Some Spam messages get through, and some genuine messages are filtered (incorrectly) as Spam.

If you believe that a message You have sent Us has been incorrectly marked as Spam, please let Us know via a different means.

You can reduce the chances of a message You have sent being caught as Spam by

  • Sending the message in plain text, instead of HTML
  • Removing any message attachments
  • Avoid using terminology and text styling typically used by Spammers
  • Ensure Your messages are scanned for malware prior to sending

Communications From Us

There may be times when We need to communicate with You.

Some of these communications are website system generated, such as when

  • You request a Username Reminder - for example when You go through the "Forgot Your Username" process
  • When you go through the "Forgot Your Password" process

There are other times when We may need to communicate with You, such as:

  • When You send Us a message through the "Contact Us" form on this Website
  • When You subscribe to one, or more, forum topic(s) or category (categories) on this website
  • We need to communicate with You regarding Your account on this Site

Receipt Of Unwanted Messages From Us

In the event You receive one or more unwanted message(s) from Us, or sent by Our system(s) that You consider as Spam please contact Us using the Contact form accessible from the "My Account user menu accessible to You after You have logged in to Our Website.

Anti Spam Policy Review

This Anti Spam Policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains reflective of current activities.

A review does not neccessarily mean any changes have occurred.

If changes take place the date of the changes will be mentioned in the next section of this Anti Spam Policy.

This Anti Spam Policy was last reviewed on: 15th April 2020

Changes To This Policy

We may change this Anti Spam Policy at any time by publishing a new version which will directly replace this version.

This Anti Spam Policy was last updated on 15th April 2020.

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