Ok - we like some things to be fast !

Like waiting for web sites and their pages - watching that rotating, page loading symbol. We get impatient - maybe a little dizzy.

Too slow - and we look elsewhere - not really good for business is it ?

As developers there are lots of things we can do to speed up our web sites - latest and greatest PHP version, caching.

Some things are in the hands of our host - multiple PHP versions, hard-drive architecture, to mention but two.

SiteGround offers multiple PHP versions - web site developers / administrators can choose which PHP version to run their web site on.

Recently, SiteGround upgraded their drives storing your files and databases to Solid State Drives (SSD). Even on shared server accounts - some hosts reserve SSD for premium account holders.

Not only that, but SiteGround's in-house built supercacher technology really improves speed.

Such technology does two things - speeds up website / page load times, and reduces loading on the server - great all-round.

Combining what a web site developer / administrator can do and what your host can do - really makes you and SiteGround more of a partnership, than provider and client.

This video is one of four that we present to you. Our other three videos are:

The speed of your web site can depend on your host - in the video below - see what SiteGround does to help you.