Enjoying your online presence with any Content Management System (CMS), including Joomla!® goes hand-in-hand with a number of key features.

One such feature is - Security.

Security can and should be initiated from both inside your site and outside. Keep the "bad" people out, and make being inside bad for the "baddies" - we hear and read many examples of high-profile online businesses having their security breached.

The "inside" security features can be implemented from within your website.

From outside of your website, on the server - your host's approach can improve your security.

SiteGround web hosting stands above many other providers - using features that many hosts charge an added premium if you choose to use them.

As standard, SiteGround provides a Security feature on their server - including shared servers.

This is one of four videos focused on SiteGround - our three other videos are:

The video below explains more than a thousand words could, revealing what SiteGround does to protect your website and shows the magic of SiteGround's very unique handmade philosophy.

Please enjoy . . .